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Get Your Business Listed First In Search Results

When someone is looking for a business that offers what they need, the first thing they do is search for it online. It is critical to your business’ success that you’re being found easily on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Most users don’t even scroll past the first few search results. How do we make sure you’re being found? SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is an online marketing strategy that boosts your pages ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to ensure that your business is being found when someone searches for what you offer.

Our SEO experts spend hours every month making ongoing optimizations to your website, blog posts, listings profiles, and more. SEO is a constant effort to keep up with the continuously changing algorithms of search engines. That’s exactly what we do for you, and we only charge you when your ranking is improving. Over the long term, having an ongoing SEO strategy has proven to boost online visibility and result in a much higher return on investment. We focus on conversions and sales, not just clicks.

We offer national and local SEO services from our headquarters in Terre Haute, IN that will help you grow and maintain a successful business.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Specialists Terre Haute, IN

Monthly Ranking Improvements Or You Don’t Pay

While no one can guarantee specific rankings, our SEO Company based in Terre Haute will waive your SEO fees for any month if your campaign is not growing. We will massively improve your ranking through new keyword growth, as well as overall ranking improvements for established rankings. We ensure that we capture a minimum of 5 new keyword rankings from relevant search phrases that have generated search-based clicks to your website. Also, while individual keyword rankings may increase or decrease, there will be a minimum net ranking gain of 25 positions for all active rankings. Your SEO service fee will be refunded to you in any month those two conditions are not met. You can count on our national and local SEO marketing services here in Terre Haute to drive organic traffic and leads to your business!

Let’s Supercharge Your Business


Submit your information and one of our SEO professionals will follow up with you to discuss your goals and how we can help you reach them. We will not share your information or use your email address to send spam. Contact us for more information about our SEO company based in Terre Haute. We are happy to answer any of your questions!

What Our SEO Company In Terre Haute Focuses On

Local SEO

With our local SEO marketing services in Terre Haute, you can be found at the top of search results by users looking for what you offer in your local area. We can help local businesses generate traffic by optimizing the website for their local area. This can be their local community, region, or even inclusive of surrounding states. We want to make sure your business ranks at the top when someone is looking for what you offer in your service area.


National SEO

If you provide services or products past your local area, we can help you be found with our national SEO marketing services in Terre Haute. If you serve a larger audience, we can accommodate that too. We know what it takes to help you scale your business online on a national level, and will implement our proven tactics to help your business show up for people across the country or even internationally depending on your needs.

Keyword Research

Our SEO experts compare keywords that should be used to drive the most traffic to your page. We analyze your business as well as the services and/or products you offer, and from that we compile a list of possible words and phrases people are typing into search engines to find businesses like yours. We select top performing keywords for your specific industry to focus on and ensure your website content is optimized using them to increase ranking and traffic to your website.

Technical SEO

We check any behind the scenes aspects of your website for SEO friendliness and user experience. There are many underlying factors that affect your page’s ability to be indexed by search engines, and it takes an expert who is familiar with these algorithms and how to resolve the issues to produce real results in SEO. Some things are SEO team focuses on improving include site speed, code rendering, mobile responsiveness, and SSL Security. Everything from the layout of your page to the hosting of your content can affect your ability to be found online.


On Page SEO

We ensure powerful keywords for your business are included in the content of your website. To improve your search engine rankings, we plug the optimal keywords into your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, and content. We will also make content recommendations, including suggestions for additional content or flagging duplicate or devalued content for change or removal to help with SEO.


Off Page SEO

Optimization of Google Business Profile and other places your business appears online. Your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing is a major factor in how easily people find your business online. Profiles such as these are a contributing factor to the overall SEO of your website. We ensure your listing is complete, accurate and includes relevant information to help users easily find your website, contact information and business location.

Link Building

Be listed with relevant and popular online directories to increase exposure. Having other websites linking back to your business’s website helps to increase website authority and ranking in search engines. This is one of the most important parts of SEO. Also, if someone is using another directory to find a business of your type, it helps you by being listed there. We make sure your business is showing on GPS/Map applications so people can easily navigate to your location. We’ll also distribute your business information to registries for online search assistance such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

Content Optimization

Our SEO company here in Terre Haute can take your website’s content and utilize the most fitting keywords to boost search engine ranking. Making sure your content matches the necessary SEO algorithms is an ongoing job. We constantly make necessary tweaks to to your online content with top performing keywords to ensure your being accelerated further into top search results and being found before your competitors. Our goal isn’t just to move you to the top of the search engine, but to make sure your content is compelling to convert users to potential leads.

Why choose our Terre Haute SEO Marketing Company?


We believe in an ethical approach to SEO marketing. Our strategies focus on proven methods that will provide lasting results. We focus on content optimization, local SEO, and ethical link building to help your business achieve increased rankings in search results.


Our SEO experts have over 20 years experience in search engine optimization. We’ve been doing this as long as Google has been around! Also, as algorithms are constantly updating, so are we. Whatever changes may be made, you can be sure we’ll adapt our strategy to ensure your success.

In House

When we provide you with SEO services, you know that all the work will be done by our US team, based in Terre Haute, IN. From the initial discussion, to content writing, to page optimizations, and to the support afterwards we’ll be your contact every step of the journey.


We focus on driving conversions and sales, not just clicks or impressions. For each business we help, a different strategy is required to produce desired ranking improvements. Our SEO Marketing Company will analyzie your business’s unique needs with you and provide a solution based on your goals.

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?


It’s been said that if you’re not first, you’re last. This seems to be especially true when it comes to your website being found on search engines. As you know, in today’s digital age, having an online presence is essential for any business. However, just having a website is not enough. To reach your target audience, your website needs to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This involves optimizing your website’s content, structure, and coding to make it more attractive to search engines.


How SEO Works


At LitBiz Media, we offer a range of SEO services to help businesses improve their online visibility and attract more traffic to their website. Here are some of the SEO services we provide:

1. Keyword research: We conduct thorough research to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for your business.

2. On-page optimization: We optimize your website’s content, meta tags, and HTML structure to make it more search engine friendly.

3. Off-page optimization: We build high-quality backlinks to your website from reputable sources to improve its authority and visibility.

4. Local SEO: We optimize your website for local search by creating Google My Business listings, building citations, and optimizing your content for local keywords.

5. E-commerce SEO: We optimize your online store to improve its visibility and attract more traffic and sales.

6. Analytics and reporting: We track your website’s performance and provide regular reports to help you understand your traffic sources and optimize your SEO strategy.

Our SEO company understands that every business is unique, and that’s why we tailor our SEO services to meet the specific needs of your business. Our team of SEO experts uses proven techniques and strategies to improve your website’s visibility and attract more traffic. If you want to boost your online visibility and attract more traffic to your website using a comprehensive and ethical approach to SEO, that’s what we do. We’ll help you develop a customized SEO strategy that drives results and helps your business succeed online.


The SEO Process



Our SEO team looks at your objectives, current rankings, and existing search optimizations. Also, we discuss your business goals with you. From there we develop a plan to get your business website to the top of Google search results.


Apply SEO Strategy

Once we know what results we need to achieve, we implement ethical white hat SEO strategies for on-page and off-page optimizations. We continue to monitor and tweak our SEO strategy until we get your pages to the top of search engines.



Get Higher Rankings

When our SEO services start producing results and you’re increasing your rankings, you’ll reap the rewards of more website traffic and more appointments or sales. That’s when you reap the best ROI that only SEO can provide!

Understanding The Value of SEO

The value of SEO is in its ability to increase organic traffic to a website, which is traffic that comes from search engine results rather than from paid advertising or social media. By improving a website’s ranking in SERPs, SEO can help businesses and website owners reach a larger audience, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads and conversions. For that reason, SEO produces a far greater ROI than other online marketing platforms.

If you’re looking for the cheapest option for SEO available, go ahead and click the ‘x’ at the top of the screen now. If you think a $200/mo SEO services sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Through years of experience, we can tell you that to build an effective SEO campaign using tactics that will provide continuing results isn’t going to be done on that small of a budget. For this reason, it has been shown that dissatisfaction with SEO services is directly correlated to lower SEO spending.

While you may see results up front with a cheap SEO service, they’ll often provide short-term gains that can quickly disappear. This means that the investment you make in cheap SEO may not produce long-term benefits, and you may end up spending more money in the long run trying to fix the damage. Often times this is because cheap SEO services rely on black hat techniques, which violate search engine guidelines and can harm your website’s search engine rankings. This can result in your website being penalized or even banned from search engine results pages.

Because they lack resources cheap SEO services often only focus on a few basic optimization tactics, such as keyword stuffing and link building, and ignore other critical factors such as content quality, user experience, and technical SEO. Since they lack the time and resources needed, most of these SEO services offer a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t take into account the unique needs of your business. This can lead to ineffective and irrelevant optimization strategies that don’t produce the desired results.

Even worse, paying for cheap SEO services can damage your website’s reputation and online presence. If search engines detect that you’re using shady tactics to improve your rankings, it can negatively impact your brand image and credibility. Paying for cheap SEO services may seem like a cost-effective solution in the short term, but it can have significant long-term consequences. It’s better to invest in high-quality, customized SEO services that can produce sustainable results and help your business grow over time. The end result isn’t to get a first position ranking on Google, but to foster ongoing ranking growth that will result in more clicks to your website, and ultimately more conversions that increase your revenue.

Allotting the proper budget toward SEO services will secure the time and resources necessary to achieve long term, desirable results. With a budget of only a few hundred dollars a month, we’re not going to be able to achieve the results your business deserves. That is why we only work with clients who understand the value of SEO and can invest the amount required to fund a campaign that will actually provide a positive return on investment.

With no long-term commitment and a best in class performance promise, we remove any risk for you. By working with our SEO specialists in Terre Haute, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

We offer our SEO services based on the specific and unique needs of your business. Factors we look at include the area that your business needs to target and the competition within your industry. Below are the standard packages our SEO Company in Terre Haute offers.

Optimization Accelerator


(one time fee)

You’ve got a stunning website, but what good is it if it’s not being found in search engines? None. Zero. It’s time to get your website ranked. Our SEO Accelerator is a one time service that will help get your website showing up in search engines through basic optimizations. It will make your website SEO ready so that search engines, such as Google, are able to crawl it and gather the information that will help your website to get listed in the search results.

  • Keyword Research
  • Create XML Sitemap
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Google Analytics
  • Page Titles & Descriptions
  • Install SEO Plugin
  • On Page Suggestions
  • Google Business Profile Setup
  • Social Media Profile Linking
  • Alt Tag Optimization
  • 303 Re-direct

Optimizations will be applied to up to 5 primary pages.


Best for small to medium sized businesses wanting to increase website traffic in their local area.

    • Website Audit
    • Keyword Research
    • Customized Strategy
    • On-Page SEO (10 Pages)
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Link Building
    • Monthly Reporting


per month that rankings are improving


Best for businesses wanting to increase website traffic for a larger region or nationally and E-Commerce businesses.

    • Website Audit
    • Keyword Research
    • Customized Strategy
    • On-Page SEO (10 Pages)
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Link Building
    • Monthly Reporting


per month that rankings are improving


For businesses needing a more aggressive approach at SEO to ensure ranking for their target area.

    • Website Audit
    • Keyword Research
    • Customized Strategy
    • On-Page SEO
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Link Building
    • Monthly Reporting


per month that rankings are improving

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. What that means for you is that we will do the work necessary on your website to acquire the best possible rankings in search engines. We do this through keyword research, technical optimizations, as well as on and off page optimizations. We know that your webpage is useless if it can’t be found, therefore, we make sure it can be found. Our goal is to increase your organic traffic to your website using any necessary SEO best practices available.

The SEO Specialists at LitBiz will give your business the best possible ranking on Google for your market. While we can’t guarantee a #1 position for all keywords, we can produce results that will drive an increased amount of organic traffic to your website. Our experience tells us that it is better to do the research, and get your business ranked for the right keywords, not just chase after that #1 position.

No. Our team believes that if a company needs to lock you in with a long term contract, they aren’t confident in their abilities to delivery quality SEO work that will keep you happy with the results on a monthly basis.

The results of SEO depend based on where your website is ranking currently and what type of SEO work has already been done. We must also look at your competitors SEO efforts and how well they’re ranking.

Generally speaking, most websites can be brought to the first page within 3 months for competitive ranking keywords. It is typical to have first page rankings for less competitive keywords within the first month of SEO services. For a brand new website with no previous ranking, it can take 6+ months to see first page results for competitive keywords. There’s a lot of factors to take into consideration.

We guarantee each month that you’re with us you’ll see an increase in rankings and will rank for a minimum of 5 new keywords. Your traffic will continue to increase as your rankings increase. When you’re finally dominating the first page, that’s when you’ll see the incredible ROI for your business.

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