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Looking for an exciting career change in marketing and advertising, social media management, or web development?

Ready To Make an Impact?

At LitBiz Media, we’re not just another agency in it for the profits. Our mission is to help as many local businesses as possible exceed their own expectations by massively transforming their ability to grow. We believe by doing so, we’re not only helping that business, but we’re also helping build a better community for everyone. That is our passion. Does this sound like you?

Our Mission

Our mission is to make local businesses succeed and to pave the way for their future success!

Making an Impact

We believe that by empowering a business to be their best, we are not only helping them, but the community that they service as a whole.

Company Culture

We believe that to effectively serve our clients, we must make their business a priority. When they work with us, we’ll treat their business as if it were our own. Ensuring their success ensures our success.

Marketing Experts

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Online Marketers, PPC Managers, Social Media Managers, and Content Creators.

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Customer Relations, Billing, and Account Managers

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Business to Business Sales Professionals

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